Contrat loan cover

Contrat loan cover

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This contract covers your student loan repayments in case of death or Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy (TILA).

The insurance company will repay all the outstanding capital covered to the credit organisation.

To get a free quote and apply, send us back via email the completed documents below :

1. loan insurance "Super Novaterm Crédit" application form
2. simplified health questionnaire
3. foreign travel form
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Super Novaterm Crédit
courte description: 
Borrower's insurance for loan of € 16.000 to € 310.000. Complete and flexible, personnalised rates for students. IMMEDIATE COVER
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Buzz Assurance - Loan insurance application form alico.pdf159.93 Ko
simplified health questionnaire alico.pdf54.18 Ko
health questionnaire alico.pdf142.37 Ko
foreign travel.pdf86.83 Ko
general terms & conditions alico.pdf185.07 Ko

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